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This Is It...Satan Is FinishedThis is it! Finally, the end of Satan forever. Why has this gone on so long? … the belief in Satan that is. Who started it all and why has no one taken to task the drastically erroneous teachings that Satan is alive and well. Why does the idea persist in Christendom that Hell awaits the evil person upon his or her death? Well, these questions are no longer a problem for us because the time has arrived. Satan and Hell have been dissolved and the world is a softer, gentler place now. For those who have adopted these facts religion no longer has its stranglehold on society forcing a belief about a mythological cosmic Satan on the trusting masses. For many who defend the Lord of the Underworld as being real, the time has arrived to lay down our beliefs and experiences because they have been weighed against the facts of history and Scripture and they have been found wanting. The time has arrived where all the questions and passages in the bible about Satan, devils, demons, unclean spirits, hell, heaven, death, the afterlife are resolved. It has been found these things are drastically more simple, more mundane, and more of the earthly order than religion has professed them to be for millennia. The time has come for freedom. Let freedom reign I say, freedom from the fears and superstitions that man’s belief in Satan has imparted to the trusting.

Why Stir The Old Satan Pot?

Why have we been so trusting of religion when it comes to the Satan of tradition? Well, facts are, few can sell a thing better than the salesman who believes in the thing. And religion, Christendom in particular, has long believed in the Satan of myth. The faithful have clung to their idea of Satan through the centuries because it was an easy doctrine to cling to. The “Fathers” before them and those before them believed it; so, why would “we” believe anything else? Why ask questions about all the contradictory teachings about Satan and Hell when the idea has had acceptance for so long? No need to stir the pot. Practically everyone thinks Satan and Hell are real … at least that is the feeling of Satan’s most ardent religious supporters. It is for these very reasons that questions must be asked and not only asked but answers must be found.

Is There Freedom From Error?

You have in your hands a powerful document. Reading it will emancipate you from many things that have had a hold on you for as long as you have believed in Satan. Your freedom is at stake here and only you can decide if you want to grasp hold of freedom in a way many have failed to find freedom before. Those who have processed this information already, have embraced the freedom from error that you are about to enjoy. And many before me and before you have found truth about Satan where error has gone on unquestioned for too long. Can you imagine there is no Satan and no Hell? Well imagine no more, the evidence is all prepared for you to prove it to yourself. This is the fourth book in a four volume series that grinds the doctrine of Satan down to its origins and sifts out the irreconcilable lumps in order to bring to the mix a clear message about who and what Satan is.

What Are You Going To Do About It?

If Satan is real then all that these volumes have accomplished is to sow confusion and error into the minds of the readers and cast accusations of inaccuracy upon the Bible. It is for these reasons that many who embrace Satan have assigned me a place in the Hell of Christianity, for speaking such unfathomable things. That is because to the faithful, it is unfathomable that Satan does not exist. If however, Satan is not real and there has been misunderstanding, misapplication, and misinformation about this legendary creature and his hellish abode, then these volumes must be shared with everyone who ever feared the gnarly grasp of a taloned foe. A lesser god, who is to them the Lord of The Underworld. If Satan is not real, then countless adults who have been raised to avoid or fear this being, can now turn back the clock on their emotional and spiritual growth. Finding Satan to disappear like a vapour helps the jaded one to find a place of softness and warmth that was robbed from them many years ago. A place that answers the childhood question of why God would create Satan and let him harm children if God is truly loving and sovereign.

Would You Rescue A Child From Fear?

As for the children of today who are not able to read and digest this anthology, these innocents can be shown by the cognizant among us, how to truly grow to be free thinking, free feeling, free being, and free spirits. In light of a non-literal Satan, the liberated child becomes one who embraces their humanity as a gift from the Creator. They become the kind of person who walks in a path that leads to true wholeness and joy. No longer struggling along a dead-end path that has them chasing perfection while he or she cautiously advances through life. That person is free of the self-flagellation and worry the mistakes or sins of omission or commission mires them in. There is no longer a concern that the acts committed may open a door to let Satan drag them to Hell. Rather, they are led now, because Satan has been removed from existence, to live, love, and laugh in a way that humans were created to. Can you imagine; no subtle fear of being accosted, accused, or otherwise attacked by a Satan who gains access to their soul because of sin? Rather, life for the free human is lived with a vibrancy that reveals they are human in every way. They will embrace the act of being created human, which is to embrace the fact that their humanness is perfect; and that humans need not be flawless to delight their Creator…they only need to be human. These innocents throw their arms up in an autonomic show of submission to how he or she is created. This is a form of worship that reveals something profound. It is the recognition that there is no need to perfect oneself because there is only One that is perfect anyway.

What Has Come To Those Who Find This?

Those who have taken the message from this four volume book series, have found a profound sense of who their God is. This message has led many to a refreshed perspective on who they are to their God. These books contain more than just information and facts, they contain for some, the most liberating message they have heard their entire life. The knowledge there is no Satan or Hell brings to them a revelation that they have unwittingly believed in more than one God. After all, they conclude, according to what they believed Satan was, and the things they had been taught Satan could do, the Satan of religion is a lot like the God of their religion. Many realize that any supernatural character who can perform supernatural feats and appear in various forms at will, or inhabit the soul of a person, is a god. Finding that the belief in Satan was a belief in a second God has allowed many to turn away from their unwitting dualism and boil their journey down to its raw elements. This thing we call life is only a duet. Our physical and spiritual journey is not a trio or an orchestra of players. Life, for the believer in God, then is a journey where it is God and man who choreograph the dance. And there is no meddling evil half-brother of Christ to distort the simplicity of that duet. We do not find an evil Satan to strike chords of disharmony and wickedness in the compositions that play through the world. So take a deep breath and dive into the world of no Satan. This fourth volume picks up the journey at the book of Acts. After a brief recounting of some of the previous discoveries that were shared in volume 1 to 3, we will bump along the cobblestone path of the ancient Roman period. A period that had the Apostles of Christ distributing letters and information to groups all through the empire. In the following pages, the reader will be treated to a rare and powerful experience. This experience is one of hearing sound answers to the confusing references to evil, satan, hell, and the devil. You will read with relief that all along, you were right, that is your instincts that started as a child were spot on. Those verses about Satan had to mean something else, and for the first time, you are going to see that they did. They were never intended to teach there is a literal cosmic Satan after your soul or any ones.

Do You Realize What You Have Found?

As you scan the pages of this latest volume, you will in all likelihood, be offended, dismayed, shocked, enlightened, delighted, and relieved. We are human, and many of us hate being wrong. Well this volume takes us through many of the places where we have been wrong about Satan. I don’t like to use that word when trying to cajole my readers, but even though most of us claim we don’t mind being shown where we are wrong, when told we are, an off switch gets hit. But you are not alone nor are you the only one that has been wrong in this area. That’s right, I can say it, “I used to be wrong in what I believed about Satan.” And I suspect you will be able to say it too. As you will see, when you digest the material you are about to read you will not only see that you have been taught wrongly about Satan. You will also see how it is life-giving to seriously question and examine core beliefs. For many of us leaving childhood caused us to abandon logic in the area of questioning why God would create Satan. But for those same folk who long ago abandoned logic, and bravely step into the Imagine There’s No Satan exploration, it is time to answer the questions of childhood. Did God really create an evil angel to harm humanity and try to thwart the all-powerful God?

In this volume, you will be treated to a fantastic array of explanations for the who and what of Satan. Insightful and logical explanations that you won’t get anywhere else. You will finally hear what Paul, Peter, Jude, and John the revelator thought about Satan and the devil. In addition, your personal theology is destined to grow and evolve. You will be able to boast a strong and balanced understanding of who the God of the Bible is in the absence of a supernatural cosmic enemy. Take your time, enjoy the freedom that comes from this knowledge, and thanks for taking the journey. If you decide you are going to get off this Volume 4 train early, be well in knowing that God is the one God. And enjoy the astonishing truth that there is no lesser evil God in the person of Satan to trip you up along the way. Get ready to see the end of Satan forever…

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